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Name: Der Mann mit den 2 Leben
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businessman who had no real religious background and no interest in anything mystical or esoteric. When he found himself spontaneously going out of his body, he had no way of understanding what was happening to him and his first assumption was that there was something wrong with his brain.

After being assured by his physician that he was in perfect health and not suffering from a brain tumor, he went to see a psychiatrist, because surely he must be losing his mind. The psychiatrist also gave him a clean bill of health and advised him to look into Eastern religions to see what he might find.

There was very little written about the subject at the time Robert began having these experiences and the phrase "out-of-body experience" didn't even exist yet. Being the logical, scientific person that he was, Robert set out to document what was occurring when it seemed he was exiting his body with the hope of coming to understand as much as he could about this phenomenon.

Over time he wrote three books on his experiences and along the way he invented an audio technology to assist others who wish to have the same experience.

If you have any curiosity about OBEs or astral travel and would like to take a look at the subject matter in a non-new-age way, this is definitely the book to do it with. Robert is clear-headed, logical and reasonable. He makes no claims or assumptions. He does not get flowery and abstract and talk about saving the planet. He's just a regular guy who stumbled into something that few before him had left any information about, so he took it upon himself to research and document and explore. And in the end, he did what he could to help others who were either experiencing the same thing - or wished to. (less)
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