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A very sick woman dreamed that Jesus gave her water to drink.

When she woke up in the morning she was fine again and healed.

She saw a piece of paper next to her desk that said: "Jesus is the true living God."

She told people about what had happened to her.

An officer heard the story of the lady and was instantly promoted at work.

Another man who received the text removed the message immediately and it suffered great losses for 13 days.

You will see how Jesus will make wonder, I believe it because God exists ... Amen!

"Hi, I'm Jesus Christ, I know you almost do not have time for me ... I love you and I bless you I'm always with you Today I want this message to go around the world before midnight please do not cut it and I'll help you with something that you are needing ... Amen.
Send this message and if you do not need GOD to open doors for you, just erase it ... "

As water falls from heaven, so the most beautiful Blessings in the name of Jesus will fall on you
(Take 1 min and send it). Repeat! Jesus is my strength I love you, I need you, heal me and heal my family pass it to 30 people without feeling ashamed to do it.😌☺🧚🏻♂💖
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